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Building on Our Heritage,
Innovating for the Future

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On the Cutting Edge of Quality
Since 1952

Welcome to Treet! Our story dates back to the inception of Pakistan, and we take great pride in having enriched the lives of numerous households during our journey. Today, we draw inspiration from our favicon, which symbolizes trust and represents our core strength-crafting the finest blades to make it a treat for your face!

All Your Needs that Matter

Treet’s products are more than just everyday essentials – they’re the building blocks of a better world. Our product lineup includes precision-engineered blades and razors, metal components, corrugated boxes for shipping and storage, energy-efficient batteries, high-quality soaps, and advanced health solutions – all designed to make your life more convenient and sustainable.

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Personal Care

Edge making
is our forte.


Drive and live
with peace of mind.

Energy Storage

Powers your world,
today and tomorrow.


Transforming lives one
dialysis at a time.

Pulp & Paper

Packaging that
delivers, every time.

House of Brands

Social Impact

Giving back to society

At Treet, we are committed to giving back to society not only in the form of donations and charity but also by contributing in every possible manner to have a lasting impact on the ethos.


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Life @ Treet

Join the Treet team and experience a dynamic, innovative, and inclusive corporate culture that fosters creativity, collaboration and growth.