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Saba Beauty Soap is our skincare product, renowned for its exceptional quality and premium ingredients. It is carefully crafted to provide gentle cleansing and nourishment to the skin, making it a top choice for those seeking an effective skincare solution.

They are a range of high-quality, yet affordable soaps produced by First Treet Manufacturing Modaraba, a multidimensional Modaraba formed under the Modaraba Companies and Modaraba (Floatation and Control) Ordinance, 1980 on 27 July 2005 in Pakistan. First Treet Manufacturing Modaraba is listed on the Stock Exchange and is engaged in the manufacture and sale of corrugated boxes and soaps.

Saba Beauty believes that skincare should be accessible to everyone without compromising on quality. That’s why we offer our customers an exceptional range of soaps, made from the finest ingredients and backed by our commitment to rigorous quality control.

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Explore the beauty of being you!

Indulge in the luxury of inclusive skincare with Saba Beauty Soap – carefully crafted to nourish and moisturize all skin types with a touch of elegance.