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Treet bikes, one of the top motorcycle manufacturers in Pakistan, has been providing exceptional two-wheeler options to customers. We are known for delivering high-quality and reliable motorcycles that cater to diverse rider needs and preferences. With a commitment to innovation, Treet regularly introduces cutting-edge technologies and features, making our bikes a popular choice among riders nationwide.

Treet Holdings Limited, the parent company of Treet bikes, is a leader in the motorcycle industry in Pakistan, founded in 2004. The subsidiary company is involved in assembling and selling motorbikes and rickshaws and is also the management company of First Treet Manufacturing Modaraba.

Treet bikes are renowned for their durability, achieved through the use of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology. They provide powerful and smooth performance on the road, delivering an exhilarating riding experience to riders. With a range of models and styles to suit different rider preferences, Treet bikes offer an attractive option for those seeking style and performance at an affordable price. Furthermore, Treet has a strong network of dealers and service centres across Pakistan, ensuring easy access to maintenance and support for their bikes.

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Treet Fighter
Treet TR 100 Black

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At Treet Bikes, we know that every ride is an adventure. That’s why we craft reliable, versatile motorbikes that are ready to take on any road, any time.