An Interview with Syed Sheharyar Ali – Evolve Magazine treetonl_test July 18, 2023

An Interview with Syed Sheharyar Ali – Evolve Magazine

Chief Executive Officer – Treet Corporation Limited

Stay open-minded, relentlessly explore new ideas, markets, & opportunities, & don’t shy away from taking calculated risks. Recognize that success doesn’t always follow a straight path; it often requires a readiness to pivot & adapt when circumstances demand.

Evolve: You have a very impressive profile when we look at your career journey. We are witnessing an interesting case study of a professional who has a diversified portfolio consisting of manufacturing healthcare, information technology, automobiles, sports and made a switch towards professional evolution. Please take our readers through your journey?

Syed Sheharyar Ali: Reflecting on my career, it indeed presents an interesting case of professional evolution. Upon returning from the United States, I thought to myself that I would be involved with multiple family businesses such as Nestle Packaging Ltd and IG Insurance, Treet Corporation. I initially thought that I would have the freedom to choose the organization I wished to work for and expected to manage a department man office setup. However, my family had different plans.

My career began out a humble note. I was initially an intern at Packages Ltd, where I served for about eight months to a year. This internship was followed by a promotion to the role of Assistant Manager in Sales, providing me with an opportunity to understand the corporate ladder and climb it through a systematic process. This hands-on experience was essential in grounding me to the realities of the business world and gave me an understanding of the working of an organization from the grassroots level.

In 2007, I joined Treet Corporation. This role further broadened my perspective and gave me a chance to influence decision-making at a strategic level. Two years later, in 2009, I spearheaded the establishment of a corrugated plant. This was followed by the setup of a motorbike manufacturing unit in 2011.

With a constant drive to diversify and expand, we decided to venture into new areas in 2016-17. We introduced maintenance-free batteries under the name Daewoo. Alongside this, we also started exploring the pharmaceutical sector, a venture which is currently in progress.

Throughout this journey. I have learned that training and hands-on experience are invaluable and I cherish them the most. Each step has taught me something new, and every challenge has been a stepping stone to where I am today.

Evolve: ‘Treet Corporation Limited’ has reached its penetration in 40+ countries across 6 continents over the past years that actually defined as massive success. How do you spell out this experience of working as a global brand?

Syed Sheharyar Ali: Operating as a global brand, especially in a competitive international market, presents unique challenges and lessons. There will always be competitors who might offer a cheaper product or perform better in certain aspects. To thrive in such an environment, we realized early on that we must excel in what we do, offering high quality products at reasonable prices.

Treet Corporation has been manufacturing razor blades for the past 70 years. This long-standing experience has given us a competitive edge. It’s not just about the years, it’s about the accumulation of knowledge, insights and understanding of the market dynamics that others might not have. This wisdom has been pivotal in helping us expand our business into various sectors and across geographical boundaries.

Today, we export to over 40 countries, and the main driving force behind this success is our commitment to consistent quality and exceptional service. Global operations indeed present a different playing field. Unlike a local market where you have direct oversight and a deep understanding of every nuance, the international market introduces numerous competitors, some with significantly deeper pockets.

This was a challenge, but we persevered. We leveraged our strengths, learned from our experiences and remained focused on our commitment to quality and service. The journey of taking Treet Corporation from a local entity to a global brand has been both demanding and rewarding. It’s not just about surviving the competition; it’s about carving a niche for ourselves, and I believe we’ve been successful in doing so.

“We export to over 40 countries, & the main driving force behind this success is our commitment to consistent quality & exceptional service”

Evolve: You have been in charge of discrete segments within Treet Group at such an early age. What is your perspective on these divergent opportunities you find here and what would you like to suggest to entrepreneurs today to explore true business opportunities potential?

Syed Sheharyar Ali: Being a young leader at Treet has offered me an exceptional window into a multitude of diverse opportunities. Each segment of our business, ranging from manufacturing to trading holds unique potential for growth, innovation, and success.

From my vantage point, maintaining a sense of curiosity, openness, and a commitment to continuous learning is crucial. These traits not only help in identifying opportunities but also in adapting to the fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape. For entrepreneurs looking to explore true business potential, I would suggest adopting a similar mindset. Stay open-minded, relentlessly explore new ideas, markets, and opportunities, and don’t shy away from taking calculated risks. Recognize that success doesn’t always follow a straight path; it often requires a readiness to pivot and adapt when circumstances demand.

Above all, resilience, adaptability, and a genuine willingness to embrace change are essential. Business landscapes shift, markets fluctuate, and new technologies emerge. In such a dynamic environment, your ability to bounce back, adapt, and navigate change will ultimately determine your success.

Evolve: ‘Renacon Pharma’ has taken initiative by providing lower cost medicated solutions with high quality to the third world countries since late 90s; Acetate Hemodialysis Concentrate solutions is one of them. As your company is taking the lead by offering medicated solutions that are more feasible for the masses, please enlighten our readers with this futuristic approach and other practices Renacon is following to introduce?

Syed Sheharyar Ali: At Renacon Pharma, our primary focus lies in providing Bi-carbonate Hemodialysis concentrate solutions. We have made significant advancements in our approach by replacing the traditionally used acetic acid with a more physiological and less toxic citric acid. This innovative concentrate, known as Renacit, is available in both powder and solution forms. One of the major advantages of this transition to citric acid is its potential to reduce the consumption of the anticoagulant injection, Heparin, by up to 50%. This means a safer and more cost-effective treatment for patients undergoing hemodialysis. Our commitment to offering high-quality, affordable medication solutions, particularly for third world countries, has been a cornerstone of our operations since the late 90s. We believe in empowering communities by making healthcare more accessible and affordable.

Our initiative to provide lower-cost medicated solutions without compromising quality is a testament to this commitment. As we continue to progress, we aim to pioneer more such practices and solutions to positively impact healthcare delivery and patient outcomes on a global scale.

Evolve: ‘Loads Limited’ has ensured quality through technical collaboration with Japanese Companies and is considered as the largest Auto Parts Manufacturers (APMs) over the past years. How do you embark on this progression?

Syed Sheharyar Ali: Loads Ltd began as a transport company, which eventually transitioned into a trans-manufacturing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for automobiles. Established in the 1970s, this was a time when the auto industry in Pakistan was in its infancy with no local auto manufacturers. My grandfather foreseeing the potential growth of the industry in Pakistan, recognized the need to localize the production of auto parts. That’s when Loads Limited stepped in to fill the gap.

We partnered with Japanese OEMs such as Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki to set up our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. Through technical collaboration and leveraging their expertise, we were able to produce high-quality auto parts that adhered to international standards. To date we remain one of the largest, if not the largest auto parts manufacturers in the country.

The journey of taking Treet Corporation from a local entity to a global brand has been both demanding & rewarding

Our product portfolio includes radiators, mufflers and numerous other components, serving as a key supplier to the major players in the automobile industry: Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Millat and so on. This journey from a testing company to a leading auto parts manufacturer underlines progressive approach and commitment to quality, reflecting our role as a pivotal player in the localization of the auto parts industry in Pakistan.

Evolve: In your view, what areas of development to explore to open new trade and business avenues considering your intervention in mobiles and sports? What role can these districts play in economic development equally?

Syed Sheharyar Ali: Identifying new trade and business opportunities necessitates an intricate understanding of market dynamics, customer preferences and the trajectory of emerging technologies. As we look at the sectors of automobiles and sports, there are several intriguing avenues ripe for exploration.

In the automobile sector, the advent of electric and autonomous vehicles presents considerable potential. The drive towards sustainability and automation opens up a new world of possibilities. For sports advances in materials science could revolutionize sports equipment, making it safer, more durable, and performance enhancing. Moreover, digital technologies are reshaping how we engage with sports, from fan interactions to sport analytics.

Identifying new trade & business opportunities necessitates an intricate understanding of market dynamics, customer preferences, & the trajectory of emerging technologies

Districts with a significant footprint in the industries can play a pivotal role in fostering economic development. By attracting investments, generating employment and spurring innovation, these districts can become hotbeds of economic activity and growth. However, this potential can only be fully realized through concerted efforts.

I recommend fostering collaboration among industry stakeholders, academic institutions, and governmental bodies. By creating a synergistic ecosystem that encourages research and development, we can ensure sustained innovation. Such a collaborative environment would not only enable the exploration of new business opportunities but also contribute to equitable economic development across these districts.

Loads Ltd began as a transport company, which eventually transitioned into manufacturing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for automobiles

Evolve: You have taken hold for Next generation to this business and are responsible for the prospective future of this organization. How would you see this progression in coming years?

Syed Sheharyar Ali: As I look towards the future and the next generation’s role in our business I believe the traditional paradigm of ‘working harder’ is giving way to a more nuanced approach – ‘working smarter.’ This transformation is not about reducing our efforts but rather about enhancing efficiency, leveraging technology, and fostering a culture of trust and empowerment.

In the coming years. I envision a progressive organization where we place a premium on trusting our teams and allowing them the freedom to excel in their roles. We need to recognize that everyone brings unique skills and perspectives to the table and there is much to learn from each other. In this context, maintaining an open mind is crucial. We must be willing to listen and learn from those with more experience, without letting ego hinder our growth and learning process. This is a trait I believe is vital not just for me, but for everyone in the organization, as we collectively shape its future. By cultivating this culture of smart work, mutual respect and continuous learning, I see organizations progressing towards greater innovation productivity, and success in the years to come.

I believe the traditional paradigm of ‘working harder’ is giving way to a more nuanced approach – ‘working smarter.’

I envision a progressive organization where we place a premium on trusting our teams and allowing them the freedom to excel in their roles

Evolve: What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career? How did you overcome it and what did you learn from it?

Syed Sheharyar Ali: ln my two decade-long career, I can assertively say that the present challenges are the most formidable. We are confronted with a global recession, and in Pakistan, this is compounded by economic instability and political uncertainty. We are grappling with these three interconnected issues simultaneously, making it an incredibly difficult phase.

This period, however, is not just about pursuing profit margins or growth; it is about survival. Industries that manage to navigate these rough waters for the next year or two will be in a strong position for significant growth once the situation improves, mainly because many are closing doors due to the current economic pressure. Despite the challenges, opportunities are also emerging. The surge in the dollar has created a favorable climate for local products.

Products that were once imported are now being produced locally due to the changing economic dynamics. This shift not only supports the survival of local industries during these tough times but also sets the stage for their growth in the long run.

In retrospect, this period has been a test of resilience and adaptability. It taught me the importance of strategic foresight, swift decision making and the ability to spot silver linings amidst the storm. These lessons will undoubtedly serve as valuable guiding principles as we continue to navigate the future of our industry.

Evolve: Kindly enlighten our readers about the significant practices and future prospects that Treet Corporation Limited is following to brighten business individuals and corporale sector to assimilate around the globe?

Syed Sheharyar Ali: Treet Corporation Limited has a long standing history of promoting economic growth and development in Pakistan. Over the past 70 years, the company has been dedicated to expanding its reach and establishing its presence in various industries, including personal care products, razor blades, energy, packaging and healthcare solutions.

Treet Corporation Limited has always placed a strong emphasis on innovation and quality and these values have been key drivers of the company’s success. By continuously investing in research and development and utilizing cutting edge technology, Treet Corporation Limited has been able to stay ahead of the competition and deliver products that meet the evolving needs of consumers.

Each segment of our business, ranging from manufacturing to trading, holds unique potential for growth, innovation & success

In addition to its focus on innovation and quality, Treet Corporation Limited is committed to promoting sustainable practices and ethical business operations. The company understands the importance of protecting the environment and is actively working to reduce its carbon footprint and conserve natural resources.

Looking towards the future, Treet Corporation Limited is poised to continue expanding its global reach and exploring new business opportunities. The company is dedicated to building strong partnerships and fostering collaboration to drive growth and success both in Pakistan and around the world.

Evolve: Are there any exciting upcoming projects in Treet Group that you want to tell us about or give a sneak peek?

Syed Sheharyar Ali: Indeed, there are several exciting projects in the pipeline at Treet Corporation that we’re eagerly looking forward to. At the moment, one area of interest we’re exploring is the EV industry, marking a potential new direction for us.

However, our primary focus remains on expanding and enhancing our existing lines. Our goal is to deliver value to our customers and stakeholders by continually improving our products and services.

A significant project that we’re thrilled to announce is the launch of our shaving foam. This venture represents a substantial addition to our portfolio, and we believe it will make a notable impact in its respective sector. This project is currently our main focus, but we remain open to new opportunities and innovations that align with our mission and business objectives

By creating a synergistic ecosystem that encourages research & development, we can ensure sustained innovation

Evolve: Keeping in view the recent international scenarios created within the economic arena, what sectors stand to benefit the most from increased foreign investor participation?

Syed Sheharyar Ali: First up is the IT and ITES sector. Our young and digitally savvy population is making waves in these industries, and we’re seeing more and more success stories emerging from here. The sector has been booming, and foreign investors might find it a promising prospect.

Then there’s renewable energy. The world is shifting towards cleaner, more sustainable energy sources, and Pakistan’s untapped potential in solar, wind, and hydropower is something that could really attract foreign investors. Infrastructure development is another area that’s been getting a lot of attention, especially with projects like the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). There’s a lot of room for modernizing and expanding our country’s infrastructure, and that’s something foreign investment could really help with.

E-commerce is also on the rise in Pakistan. With more and more people getting online and making digital payments, this sector is ready to take off. The potential for growth here is huge. And finally we shouldn’t forget about agriculture. Pakistan is an agrarian economy, and advancements in agricultural technology could transform this sector. Improvements here could have far reaching effects on the economy and the people employed in it. But of course, to attract and keep foreign investment, we need a stable political and economic environment. So, while these sectors are promising, we can’t overlook the importance of stability.

Evolve: What are your thoughts on print media around the globe and what would you like to say to the readers of Evolve Business Publication?

Syed Sheharyar Ali: Let’s talk about print media. For hundreds of years, it’s been a staple in our society, helping spread news, spark discussions, and shape public opinion. Even with digital media becoming more popular, there’s still something special about print – it’s tangible, it’s permanent, and in some places, it’s still the main way people get their news.

But we can’t ignore how digital technology is changing the way we consume media. More and more people are turning to digital platforms for their news, and this has pushed print media to evolve. Now, a lot of print publications also have digital versions, reaching a wider audience and catering to all kinds of readers.

By cultivating this culture of smart work, mutual respect, & continuous learning, I see our organization progressing towards greater innovation, productivity, & success in the years to come.

For all you Evolve Business Publication readers out there, I just want to say good on you for choosing a publication that keeps you up-to-date on both local and international business news. It’s great to see you taking the initiative to stay informed about our ever-changing business world. My advice to you is to keep learning and staying engaged.

The business world is pretty volatile and complex these days, and staying informed is crucial. Whether you prefer print, digital, or a bit of both, keep exploring and soaking up knowledge. After all, the more you learn today, the better prepared you’ll be for tomorrow.

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