Leadership Evolution Ignites Bright New Chapter of Growth for Treet Corporation Limited treetonl_test June 27, 2023

Leadership Evolution Ignites Bright New Chapter of Growth for Treet Corporation Limited

June 27, 2023, Lahore: Treet Corporation Limited, a forerunner in the razor and blades industry along with its Board of Directors, is delighted to announce significant organizational changes following the election of directors and the board meeting held on June 26, 2023. These changes reflect our commitment to sustained growth, innovation, and top-tier talent acquisition.

We start by honoring the invaluable contributions of Syed Shahid Ali, our respected Sponsor Director, who has served as the CEO/Managing Director since 1995. His dedication and exceptional leadership have played a pivotal role in Treet Corporation Limited’s success and growth over the years. Syed Shahid Ali will continue to contribute in Treet in his new role as Chairman.

Given his remarkable tenure, we are excited to announce the appointment of Syed Sheharyar Ali as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective from June 26, 2023. Syed Sheharyar Ali carries a wealth of experience from his previous roles as Executive Director and Chief Strategy Officer of our company and an extensive understanding of our business domains.

Our new CEO is equipped with a profound understanding of the razor and blades market intricacies. His successful track record in leading ventures and developing innovative strategies sets the growth. stage for an exciting period of expansion and evolution. His extensive portfolio, spanning sectors such as Manufacturing, Healthcare & Hospitality, Technology, Automobiles, Trade & Distribution, Sports & Education, makes him an ideal leader for this transformative phase.

Syed Sheharyar Ali will also take the helm at our esteemed divisions – Daewoo Batteries, Packaging Solutions, Renacon Pharmaceutical, and Global Econo Trade Bikes. This strategic decision facilitates synergy and encourages growth across our diverse businesses.

Working alongside the senior management, our new CEO will oversee all aspects of our operations, refine our strategic trajectory, and optimize shareholder value. His mandate includes fostering innovation, exploring new business opportunities, and maintaining our industry leadership.

Under the continued guidance of Syed Shahid Ali, our Sponsor Director and newly appointed Chairman, and the leadership of Syed Sheharyar Ali as CEO, we strengthen our corporate governance and ensure the continuity of our success. We are confident in their ability to capitalize on emerging opportunities, solidify our market position, and deliver sustained growth and profitability.

We have absolute faith in our new CEO’s abilities to lead Treet Corporation Limited and its divisions towards new pinnacles of success. His appointment signifies a significant milestone, symbolizing our dedication to attracting top talent and promoting continuous growth.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Syed Shahid Ali for his outstanding leadership as the Sponsor Director and CEO, and we extend a warm welcome to Syed Sheharyar Ali as the new CEO of Treet Corporation Limited. 

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