Nurturing Talent and Inspiring Innovation: Treet Corporation’s Support for SADA’s Creative Journey treetonl_test June 11, 2023

Nurturing Talent and Inspiring Innovation: Treet Corporation’s Support for SADA’s Creative Journey

SADA, the School of Art Design and Architecture at National University of Sciences and Technology, is a hub of creativity and innovation. Established in 2010 with the launch of the Bachelor of Architecture program, SADA has expanded its offerings to include the Bachelor of Industrial Design program in 2013. Through its design-based learning approach and emphasis on studio pedagogy, SADA nurtures students to become independent thinkers and holistic designers.

SADA’s commitment to fostering talent and nurturing creativity extends beyond the university walls. Recently, industry professionals, including representatives from esteemed organizations like Treet Corporation, served as jurors at SADA’s Graduation Projects. These professionals were impressed by the exceptional work showcased by the students, providing valuable insights and inspiration.

Among the jurors, Sohaib Chaudhry, Group Head of Innovation at Treet Corporation, witnessed the dedication, skill, and innovation displayed by the students. His presence at the event further enriched the students’ learning experience and served as an inspiration to the young designers.

This collaboration between SADA and industry leaders highlights the importance of bridging academia and the professional world, creating opportunities for students to receive feedback, gain exposure, and establish connections within the industry. Active participation from organizations like Treet Corporation contributes to the growth and development of emerging talent.

In conclusion, SADA’s collaboration with industry leaders, including Treet Corporation’s involvement, demonstrates a shared commitment to fostering talent and promoting creativity. By providing platforms for students to showcase their work and engage with industry professionals, these collaborations pave the way for a thriving creative community. The synergy between academia and industry ensures a bright future for students and continued growth in the creative arts and design fields.

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