Treet Group Participates in Environment ICE 2022 treetonl_test June 16, 2022

Treet Group Participates in Environment ICE 2022

16/06/2022: 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Environment, Environment ICE 2022, took place on 11th and 12th May, 2022 in Lahore. The event was organized by the Govt. of Punjab in collaboration with The World Bank focusing on private sector and government entities working on green and resilient recovery from Impacts of Covid in 2022. Treet Group actively participated in the event with a purpose built exhibition space,
introducing their ongoing environment-friendly projects especially in the area of electric mobility with their upcoming e-bikes and scooters. “Go green” is a part of Treet Group’s sustainability focus being driven under the leadership of Mr. Syed Sheharyar Ali who is the Group Chief Strategy Officer & Executive Director of Treet Group. “We are already offering specialized deep cycle batteries which are widely used in Solar Systems and excited to launch our e-bikes soon along with other products in collaboration with the other subject matter expert companies in the field to make our shared future more sustainable” Mr. Syed Sheharyar Ali. The event was attended by financiers, environment technology experts, capacity builders, carbon foot-print enthusiasts and people from various walks of life with great interest in green living. The attendees took great interest in Treet’s stall showing their inquisitiveness in the upcoming electric bikes by Treet Group and termed it as a great step towards a green and
environment-friendly future. Treet gave away free samples of plants saplings to event attendees
to spread awareness about green lifestyle.

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